Acid Burn Alice


Gazing at eternity, the only one who counts is me
Beneath the darkening twilight sky
Torn-apart artificial life
Every night, minute, and second
I am blind to controlling wreckage
Mental torture from unreal minds
Take the innocence that is mine

Extinguish light, in existence
Control the thoughts inside my head
Your demands, unreal expectations
Living life, manufactured isolation
Gaslight procedure, I question myself
Calculated destruction of my mental health
Abuse and anger from your frustrations
Are your faults all of my making?

Wired electrodes beneath my skin
Acid burn throbs with pain
An empty vessel I played my part
With aching limbs calculate the cost
The comfort of being halfway human
The scars map out where I've been moving
Cold metal plugged in dependence
Distorted love, don't know how to break free