Another Martyr


The hunger crawling around your mind
Grasping escape you cannot find
Sounds of victims growing ever louder
Echoes of the deceased forever drown you
Like a sandstorm in an hourglass
The haunting screams start to amass

Another sacrifice
Another martyr to serve my purpose
Another light snuffed out
Another scapegoat to carry my burden

The infection grows around your skin
You're addicted to it, nurturing your sin
Once blessed, now you've come undone
Choke of the butchering fills your lungs
The mist of bodies upon the floors
Wage war on the edge forevermore...

Trouble erupts; it's time for your reckoning
The time has come; judgment is beckoning
The storm clouds roll out overhead
Demons have come to count up the dead
This is the end of flesh, the end of all days
The angel of darkness is here to stay...