Fascist Disease


Overflowing hate in their tiny minds
Too dumb to accept people living different lives
Anger against sexuality and race
The bigots attack if they don't like your face
Fascist views I can't try to understand
Prejudiced views creep from backwater towns
Deformed and unsightly inside and out
Crawling in dirty shadows all over this land

This ain't rocket science
It's your basic ABC
Yet we are still fighting the fascist disease
Stand against oppression, fascist ideology
Diagnosis positive, the sickness revealed

Sneaking around under pseudonyms
Secret meetings push their agenda's aims
Why do they hide? They must know it's wrong
The signs are there; they will be found
When hearing these ideas, we must stand against
No platform for hate, no sitting on the fence
Time to stop it now before it's too late
A cure for the infection, no time to wait