Laugh Out Loud


It's raining outside, there's a hole in my boots,
Haven't got any money to buy any food
I'm feeling so alone, but I can't turn the computer off
I wanna get out but I'm addicted to the idiot box
Trying for direction, stuck on a crowded commuter train
Sitting on a wet seat on the bus; it's pouring down with rain
Got a second-hand mattress with a piss stain down the back
Tried to scrub it off, but it just made me gag
I'm freezing cold and starving; there are holes in the walls of my flat
I thought I had squirrels in my garden, but they just turned out to be rats

Ha ha ha ha, ho ho ho ho, he he he he, laugh out loud!
Ha ha ha ha, ho ho ho ho, he he he he, laugh out loud!

Been to the doctor, something's wrong with my head
I'll take my prescription and try to face the day
Bouncing around my room, walls closing in on me
Men in nice white coats, knocking at my door
Come to take me away, for a lobotomy and more
Stuck in a room, on suicide watch
Mental analysis, to decide what I got
They say I'm not to worry; they're gonna cheer me up
They've brought me a screen to sit here and watch
100 channels and reality TV...