Lunatic leader, mad power in hand,
Ready to drop the bomb on foreign lands
The prime sinister, deranged psychopath,
Finger on the button, thousands die in the blast,

Evil, maniac taking control,
Weapons online, come to end us all,
All that money on a new warhead,
Set course into darkness, bad times are ahead

Hear the victims' bloody screams,
1 million scorched corpses, the lunatic's dreams
End of days, world war 3,
The angel of darkness in 10 Downing Street
Pointed at you, a loaded gun,
There's nowhere to go, nowhere to run

A blanket of bodies upon the floors,
Sick butcher smiles, she loves her bloody war
From the nuclear flame, the victims see them,
Oozing blood and foul secretions
How far removed are they from mankind,
Who gave power to the messed up minds

Time to disarm, no more bombs today,
No nuclear war, no freaking way
No more pain, no more suffering,
No more threat of being reduced to nothing
A world where we can live in peace,
No more bloodshed, let the fighting cease