Starving In The UK


A nation of starving people staring at their television,
The broadcast is saying "they're taking and not giving"
"130,000 survive on food banks",
The public are conditioned to draw an empty blank

Benefits stopped and new taxes take hold
Evicted and hungry, locked out in the cold
"Don't care about no scroungers about to die"
...they never bother to think how things could be...

Starving in the UK...
I can't afford to eat today,
Living on less than a pound a day
UK, a third-world country...

Human beings, a statistic just a piece of meat,
Media control of the way people think
Take what they tell you in, take a nice seat,
While hungry mouths search through bins to feed.

Vampiric politicians live a life of greed
Of unimaginable theft and corruption I see
Been let down by a system that is wrong,
The situation is becoming a ticking time bomb...