The Re-Enactor


Feverish dreams flow over me,
A repetitive nightmare, can't you see?
Stuck in a sickness loop forever
Cannot shake these chemical dreams
Repetition on the edge of a knife
Over and over for the rest of your life
Fuck all that's different, don't accept the new
Keep repeating forever the things that you do

Negative mind loop in my brain
Trying to hold to a distant time
We came to destroy the past
Rebuilding from the wreckage vessel
We will see what we find
Freedom of expression in the mind
The museum is dead, take a new art stance
Create a new art riot NOW!

The scene has become a battle re-enactment
It's an echo to the anger that we represent
Is the music industry your best friend?
Or do you see a very different end?
The message from those who have no voice
Freedom is given to the uncontaminated life
Above fashionistic image and noise
Break the chains, bring on better times

Live experimentation, not imitation
We need new ways to demonstrate
We are the scavengers of technology
There's no time to make no apology
Shout our message loud!
No mediocrity, we want change now
Evolution anarchists create a new way
Condemned to search for better days